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Umka seems to be gigantic and threatening. No wonder - he is a polar bear! In fact, he is truly kind at heart. Umka is a superstar of our zoo. Being always friendly and sweet, he reaches out to people and is always delighted to see the visitors. Indeed, polar bears have big and generous heart.

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Meerkat Dilly is always watching his smaller brothers Villy and Billy, so that they do not get in trouble. While the smaller brothers are having fun or getting something to eat, Dilly gets on the top of the hill and looks around vigilantly and listens intently to see if something dangerous is comming. If he notices something suspicious, he whistles and his brothers immediately run to the burrow. Villy and Billy respect their brother very much and always share tasty treats with him.

Meerkat Villy is a true hunter. His keen sense of smell and clawed paws help him to search for food. Moreover, Villy is very smart and charming which helps him to get extra portions of tasty treats from the supervisors and visitors of the zoo. He is always eager to share them with his brothers Dilly and Billy.

Meerkat Billy is very curious and fidgety. Since early childhood Billy has also been very mischievous and active. Unlike others, Billy likes risky adventures and is not scared of danger. He seriously believes that nothing could ever happen in the zoo without him. Billy is always curious about everything that is going on, which often gives his brother Dilly a lot of troubles.

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